What Makes Watkins Aviation Different? Experience!

My concentrated programs are designed to prepare you to both pass the IFR Checkride, but more importantly, to be a confident, safe, instrument rated pilot ready to use your airplane to its fullest potential.

Professional Training Platform means that just like Corporate Training Centers and Airline Training, each 8 to 10 hr day is focused on you, using a combination of classroom, simulation, and flight training in your airplane. I teach from "Real World Experience", using a building block approach to reinforce learned skills while adding new ones. My demeanor and teaching style are relaxed, using positive reinforcement combined with constructive guidance, to ATP standards. I also teach in actual IFR conditions as much as possible because I believe the two things that produce confidence and safety are: knowledge and experience!

What does all this mean to you?
It means that you get the best training possible! I have the training, experience and enjoy teaching in a professional manner, efficiently combining classroom, simulation and flight time. I am experienced in most types of aircraft and GPS equipment, but THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS: I have the experience to safely teach you the "Real World of Instrument Flying", and to know when you are ready!